Food Biography:

Dr. John’s culinary experience rivals that of many professional chefs. His passion for cooking, combined with world travel and a unique taste memory, allows him to create authentic dishes that stimulate taste buds and protect the heritage of cultures.  Dr. John is familiar with Chinese, French, Italian, Thai, Japanese, Korean, American, Spanish, Indian, Ethiopian and Filipino cooking styles.

He was invited as a VIP candidate for Master Chef in 2011.  Although the executive chef rated Dr. John’s dish as “exceptional”, his gentle disposition dissuaded the attention of producers.  When asked whether he was competitive enough to engage in duel against other chefs on TV he said, “I don’t feel the need to compete against anyone.  Every time I step into a kitchen I unsheathe my passion for cooking in one hand, and my love for good food in the other.”

When Dr. John isn’t cooking, he serves as the Consulting Director of Hofmann Learning:

Future Goals:

We’re quickly becoming one of the highest rated food establishments in Los Angeles, and we’re only a food truck!  We sell out of savory and sweet items on a daily basis.  Bottom line, this business has the potential of becoming one of the most successful food chains in the country.  Imagine a hip restaurant with an Epicurian garden that builds communities for the greater good.  The next generation cafe is here.


  1. Make a good product for a good price and for a good cause.
  2. Keep it fresh, healthy, and minimize waste at all costs.
  3. Create a solid business model that can be easily replicated.

Approximately 33% of first-time customers make purchases immediately after sampling and our return customer rate is over 90%.  We’ve been asked where our storefront is almost 10,000 times in the first 6 months of business.  The numbers alone deserve serious attention.  Investors, it’s time to step up to the plate!  All potential investors are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement.  Please email  us at to discuss the coffee shop of the future.