So You’re a Doctor? Life Before Gelato

“Free samples today!  Dairy free sorbets and gelatos with raw honey!”

I’m sure you’ve heard me say this phrase while walking past our truck.  But what did I do before deciding to make gelato for a living?  Well, I was a researcher.  At USC I was fascinated by human values.  My goal as a doctoral student was to figure out what values were and how they were used to create culture.  This 5-year mission led me do discover some interesting stuff about the foundations of self-concept, attitudes, beliefs and basic human behavior.  It turns out that human values serve as the foundation for linguistics: words and their meanings.

If you ever get really bored and want to understand what values are, then feel free to read this article (it’s a first draft).  It’ll also make a great bedtime story and will put your kids to sleep in minutes, guaranteed!  It’s a bit controversial, so be prepared.  My research defied 50+ years of human values research and had a confidence level of over 95%.  What this means is that the data was pretty darn accurate.

So, click on the link below to get your nerd on.  Enjoy!

Dr. John Hofmann

100th Aniversary of Values Research Draft 1