AMAZING Gourmet Sorbets and Raw Gelatos will be offered throughout the summer. We only use the best ingredients, so prepare to be impressed! We use whole unprocessed (unheated) fruit, unheated unfiltered raw honey, and multistage reverse-osmosis filtered water. When you try mango sorbet, you’re literally eating whole mangos…fiber and all! The rich colors and high density of our products ensures that you’re not paying for watered-down stuff with lots of air (and known carcinogenic additives…check out out ingredients page). It’s time to enjoy something that’s refreshing, tastes good and is good for you!


Our Competitors charge up to $9.00 for a 9oz serving! We charge $5.00 (tax included) for a 6+oz serving, and the quality is amazing! We take great pride in offering a great product for a great price and for a great cause! We just opened on and we’re expanding our menu items, but the flavors we currently have are incredible! Check out these daily flavors and taste the difference:

1. Splendid Strawberry

2. Spirited Strawberry Mint

3. Brilliant Banana

4. Blissful Blackberry

5. Peaceful Peach

6. Benevolent Blueberry

7. Positive Pineapple

8. Mindful Mango

9. Resilient Raspberry

10. Fabulous Fig

11. Authentic Apricot

12. Courageous Coconut

13. Cheery Cherry

14. Loving Lychee

15. Welcoming Watermelon

16. Diligent Date

17. Grounded Grape

18. Optimistic Orange

19. Courteous Cantaloupe

20. Persistent Pomegranate

21. Dignified Death by Chocolate

22. Joyous Jackfruit

23. Prosperous Persimmon

24. Discerning Dragon Fruit

25. Patient Pear

26. Practical Papaya

27. Proactive Pixie

28. Banana Chocolate Mint

29. Spirited Strawberry Banana

30. Dignified Death by Chocolate

31. Loyal Lemon

32. Gracious Grapefruit

33. Punctual Pumpkin

34. Kind-Hearted Kiwi