Teach Kids About Food

My fondest memories as a child were food related.  The kitchen was an epicenter, and our passion for good food created waves of joy throughout the house and into the lives of our guests.  And although food appeared to be a metaphysical end, it wasn’t.  Food was a means to the end, and love was the end within itself.  Food, as corny as it may sound, was a simple and true expression of love.

I later realized that my parents were also teaching me to appreciate the culinary experience: food knowledge and appreciation, the importance of shopping together, the value of trying new foods, cooking (and cleaning) as a family and learning to share our love with others.  And T.V. didn’t enter the cooking arena.  Instead, we just talked.  We laughed (a lot) and sometimes we cried…and we did it together.

Now I’m not saying that we should spend hours in the kitchen every day.  We all need to manage our time.  However, families would be happier and healthier if they spent more time in the kitchen together instead of eating unhealthy processed food.  Exercise and eating in moderation is another story, but I’m going to save this conversation for another time.

The Ted Talk video posted below is a classic example of how food is becoming an end within itself instead of a means to an end.  Buy a pre-made meal and feed your kids for a day, but teach your kids to cook and they’ll be able to feed themselves (and their future families) for a lifetime.

Dr. John Hofmann